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2 Years: Registrants Continue Advancing the Science

As we celebrate our second enrollment anniversary this week, we are grateful that those affected by frontotemporal diseases are helping advance the science through their involvement with the FTD...more >


FTDDR: People Serving People

While the FTD Disorders Registry (FTDDR) would not be possible without our founding and supporting organizations, our true foundation continues to be the people who comprise the community that is...more >


2 Years, 2 Founding Organizations

The FTD Disorders Registry (FTDDR) is a shared vision between The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) and...more >


FTDDR Exceeded Enrollment Predictions on First Day!

More than 2,300 persons affected by frontotemporal degeneration, including more than 400 diagnosed persons, have enrolled in the FTD Disorders Registry (FTDDR) since the data collection tool...more >