Ways to Help

Invite Your Family and Friends

Help your family and friends join the cause for an FTD cure.

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Advocate and Raise Awareness

By sharing your story with elected officials you become an advocate and can raise awareness about FTD. Many politicians want to help, but they don’t know about FTD and how challenging it is for individuals and families. Contact the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) at info@theaftd.org for help finding opportunities to share your story and motivate politicians and policymakers to improve services and resources for patients and families, and to intensify the research needed to find treatments and a cure.

World FTD Awareness week

AFTD launched World FTD Awareness Week in the United States with a kick-off event at the World Trade Center in October 2015. Ten countries around the globe celebrated that first World Awareness Week, raising our voices together to drive research and improve the quality of life of families affected by FTD. World FTD Awareness Week is scheduled each year in the fall. Join the celebration and raise awareness.