Quick Question February 2024 Result: Has an FTD disorder affected your employment?

678 people answered the FTD Disorders Registry’s February Quick Question about the impact of FTD on employment.

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quick question january 2024

Quick Question January 2024 Result: Questions Regarding Safe Drinking Water

883 people answered the FTD Disorders Registry’s January Quick Question about their water sources.

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Quick Question December 2023 Result: A Brief Survey

55% have 2 or more people in the family diagnosed with FTD/related disorder.

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Quick Question November 2023 Result: Does/did the FTD diagnosed person experience persistent headaches after an FTD diagnosis?

Of the 818 respondents, most (698) were not burdened with persistent headaches.

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Quick Question October 2023 Result: Did you receive another diagnosis, or more than one before FTD was diagnosed?

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